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1953 fender esquire (telecaster) not a reissue
1967 fender telecaster with stock bigsby
1990’s telecaster plus
2000 fender custom shop relic ‘57 stratocaster
1964 epiphone casino
1963 gretsch duo jet
1972 gibson es345 (wired to be a 335)
1974 gibson les paul deluxe
2002 gibson les paul studio
2009 epiphone alley cat semi hollow heavily modified
1968 epiphone sorrento 12 string
2005 epiphone les paul jr. nashville tuning
1955 martin D-28 acoustic
90’s guild d-30 maple body acoustic


1972 fender precision
2008 fender precision amrican standard
1972 gibson les paul signature bass
2005 fender jazz american standard
66 hofner violin
60’s hofner copy with single coil pickups
50’s kay hollow body
62 hagstrom kent
99 5 string warwick corvette

Bass amps:

72 ampeg svt head and cab
60’s ampeg B-15N
70’s oliver flip top
Acoustic 360 head and cab
60’s vox 1×18 cabinet with original greenback celestion

Guitar amps:

58 fender deluxe tweed
64 fender princeton black face
64 fender vibrolux black face
65 fender bandmaster in 2×10 cab black face
66 fender twin reverb
61 blonde fender bassman
66 fender vibro champ
1967 Marshall super lead PLEXI
1971 Marshall super lead with green day CAE mod
1971 marshall 50 watt non master
1976 marshall JMP 100 master vol
1978 marshall JMP 100 master vol
2000 marshall JCM 2000 tsl60
CAGE 00/18
Randall Switchmaster
Bogner Ecstasy
Naylor electra verb 60
Krank rev-1
60’s Danelectro DM-25
50’s Gibson skylark
60’s Gibson 79 rvt
70’s Ampeg B25
1963 vox AC/30 copper pannel
Vox brian may AC/30 hand wired
90’s Matchless spitfire
90’s Matchless HC85
Boogie MK2 C+
Boogie triple rectifier

Guitar Cabinets:

Vintage orange 4×12 with pre rola celestion 30w greenback speakers
Bogner ectasy 4×12 with celestion vintage 30 speakers
Wizard 4×12 with reissue greenback and scumback speakers
Matchless 4×10
Boogie 4×10 loaded with vintage ceramic jensen c10n’s
Boogie 1×12 with vintage 30
Marshal repro vintage birch cab with celestion g30h’s
Univox Leslie rotating speaker

Microphone Preamps:

2 channels of api 312
2 channels of old school audio api 312(vintage API circuit with improved output transformers)
api 512 mic pre
4 channels of ADM 770 series
2 channels of Great River (improved Neve 1073)
4 channels of Quad 8 mic preamp/EQ (used to record star wars!)
Ampex mx10 tube 4 channel
presonus m80 8 channel
Tab Funkenwerk V76 tube
Sans Amp PSA-1
Avalon U5 Di preamp
Radial jd7


Neve 33609 stereo compressor limiter
Focusrite red 3 stereo compressor limiter
Urei 21176 compressor
2 urei revision A 1176
2 urei revision D 1176
2 emperical audio distressors
2 vintage dbx 160vu compressors
3 dbx 160 compressors
2 urei LA3-A compressors
stereo inward connections vac rac tsl-1 tube limiters
2 stereo (4 channels) of dramastic audio obsidian SSL mix compressors
stereo emperical audio fatso compressor
moog 3 band stereo parametric eq
api 4 band parametric eq
2 quad 8 712 graphic eq


1950’s neumann tube U47 restored by Klaus Heine
1960s neumann tube u67 restored by Stephen Paul
neumann fet 47
2 neumann u87
2 pairs of neumann km184’s
neumann km86i
2 earthworks qtc40
altec 175 tube
3 akg 451
akg 414
shure ksm32 condenser
shure ksm27 condenser
2 sure sm7
electrovoice re20
2 sennheiser 421
3 sennheiser md409
2 akg 441
2 akg d-12
akg d112
akg d-25
beyerdynamic m-88 classic
beyerdynamic m-88 1960’s
2 audix I-5
shure beta 56a
shure beta 57a
5 shure sm57
2 shure sm58
2 audio technica atm-25
heil pr-30
royer 121 ribbon
coles 4038 ribbon


Casio cz230s
Yamaha sk20 with great warm vintage organ and string sounds

There is a huge selection of soft keyboards with every sound imaginable.

The studio is equipped with a large selection of vintage and modern effects pedals.

There is an array of 14 different vintage and modern snare drums and a tama star classic drum kit.

Pro tools HD6 with 32 ins and outs of aurora lynx converters.

The studio is wired with mogami cable and has 4 private headphone mixer systems with sound-blocking headphones.

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